Weekly News Magazines, January 4, 2013

Nation Weekend 4 January 2013
From Nation Weekend, January 4, 2013
Cover reads: Sell ‘Mark’ to the city market
[Reference is to the coming election of the Bangkok governor and the use of Democrat leader Abhisit to promote the party’s candidate. The Democrat Party will rerun the current governor, Sukhumbhan Bariphat to represent the party for another term. Immediately after the announcement, the DSI brought charges against Sukhumbhan, the timing of which appears politically motivated. Meanwhile, the Pheu Thai Party remains uncertain on who will represent the party. It is speculated that Pol. Gen. Pongsaphat Pongcharoen may be selected to run for the Pheu Thai.]

Matichon Weekly_4 Jan 2013

From Matichon Weekly, January 4, 2013
Cover reads: So delicious that I forgot to return to the temple
[Reference is to a framed picture of the famous monk in a restaurant in Chiang Mai, Vajiramedhi, with his own hand-writing reads: So delicious that I forgot to return to the temple. The picture was taken while he was having lunch at his follower’s restaurant. The owner invited him for lunch, took his picture and asked him to write something to inspire the restaurant’s owner. Somehow, people, especially those in the Red Shirt movement, criticize his act saying that it’s not proper for a monk to show his satisfaction in food. The report said that the Red Shirt supporters dislike the monk accusing him of prejudicing against their group.]

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