Weekly News Magazines, February 10, 2012

From Nation Weekend, February 10, 2012
The cover reads: 10th February “Valentine’s Day”
[Summarized from the article: The 10th February was referred as Valentine Day instead of 14th February. This is because Privy Council President General Prem Tinsulanonda has decided to join at the gala dinner hosted by the Yingluck administration at Government House. His relationship with Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra were undoubtedly seen to be lukewarm. The main cause for this poor relationship was due to attacks on Perm by politicians from the ruling Pheu Thai Party and their red-shirt supporters for allegedly being behind the 2006 military coup that overthrew the government of Thaksin. So when they met publicly for the second time yesterday, it is said that they are in the process of developing their relationship with each other.]

From Matichon Weekly, February 10, 2012
The cover reads: Love ‘Papa’,  Love ‘Thailand’
[Summarized from the article: Privy Council President General Prem Tinsulanonda (so-called ‘Papa’) is seen as one of the most patriotic men in Thailand–the symbol of a loyalist. Therefore, whoever loves Perm, he must also love Thailand.]

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