Weekly News Magazines, August 5-12, 2016


From Lokwannee, Aug 6-12, 2016
Main cover reads: [top arrow] Don’t agree [bottom arrow] Agree [middle] Long-term stay

[This cover uses the Red Shirt line on the charter–that it is a referendum on continued military rule–to suggest that the charter be voted down. Ironically, it appears that the majority of voters saw the referendum in this light, but actually voted for military oversight of elected politics. More explanation here.]


From Matichon Weekly, Aug 5-11, 2016

Main cover reads: Killing Zone. Zone of the real bullet. Referendum.
On the sign at bottom right: Life Firing Zone [This is the translation of the incorrect English of the military’s notorious “Live Firing Zone” signs that were put up as the military pressured the armed camps of the Red Shirts in central Bangkok in 2010.]
A box in the bottom-right corner: 7 Aug. Don’t forget to go vote

[We think this cover implies that a no vote in the referendum is a “real bullet” in which to fight against continued junta rule.]

Top right: Nose Udom with Brother Tu [meaning PM Prayuth] – Pop culture and Thai politics

[The man in the picture is famous stand-up comic Nose Udom Taepanich. This refers to an advertisement promoting Nose’s new stand-up comedy act. There is a video clip showing Nose calling PM Prayuth (whose nickname is “Tu”) to invite him to come to his show. Those clips were edited by combining PM Prayuth’s actual voice with Nose’s funny questions.]


From Nation Weekend, August 5, 2016
Main cover reads: Poison of love of power

[This cover headline mimics the popular TV drama “Poison of Love” to refer to the National Council for Peace and Order (the ruling junta). The cover implies that the political conflict, particularly the referendum on the draft constitution, is the result of the military’s aim to extend its time in power.]

Top right: Heroine “Prof. May” smashing the rice pots for the champion

[The woman is Thai woman professional golfer Ariya ‘May’ Jutanugarn. This refers to the story of the first Thai professional golfer–Ariya ‘May’ Jutanugarn–to win a major title at the Woman’s British Open. The phrase “smashing the rice” is used for war strategy meaning that people will destroy all of their food supply to encourage themselves to win at war in order to get new food from the defeated enemy.]

Headlines on the left:

Closely watch the referendum to test the power of ‘Democrat people’

[Refers to the conflict among Democrat Party’s members on the referendum on the draft constitution and the unclear stand of the party toward voting yes or no. At the last minute, Democrat leader Abhisit Vejjajiva announced that the party does not support the draft constitution. The article posits that the result of the referendum would show the influence the party has over its supporters.]

Impact of the rice pledging scheme [white] charging elected people

[Refers to the impact of the rice pledging scheme which has resulted in many elected politicians being charged with crimes, such as former PM Yingluck. The inference is that, in Thailand, politicians often claim that, by virtue of them being elected, they are immune from oversight. This is the line from when Thaksin was prime minister that claimed that independent monitoring bodies were unfair in daring to check an elected government.]

‘Doctor Prem’ doesn’t end yet – Showing an unstable condition

[Refers to Premsak Piayura, the Ban Phai district municipality mayor. He was attacked by the media after ordering his staff to strip off a journalist’s pants after it was reported that the mayor was allegedly engagemed to a teenager. The mayor is still being investigated over this incidents.]

‘Dog delivery’ a big problem of ‘humans’

[Refers to the protest of a dog owner whose dog died during its transport with Thai low-cost carrier Nok Air. Due to this, the airline decided to cancelled its pet delivery service to avoid such problems happening again.]


From Manager Weekly, Aug 6-12, 2016
Main cover reads: Monkey show 7 August. The event to deceive the people
On the monkey god Hanuman’s shirt: ECT
On the paper: Ballot paper

[Refers to the referendum on the draft constitution conducted on 7 August 2016. The cover questions the transparency of the referendum conducted by the ECT (Election Commission of Thailand). There is concern that cheating might occurs in order to help the draft get approved.  The monkey god Hanuman is the mascot the ECT used to encourage people to vote. Hanuman is known for his honesty.]

Top: Secret of reviving of Hiso Fah ‘doing a difficult act’

[The woman is a celebrity and businesswoman Jilamiga ‘Fah’ Chalermsuk. This is an interview about her life and how she overcame the leaked clip showing her and her boyfriend having an affair. Fah is known for loving to doing difficult exercises rotuines, such as “aerial silk” and pole dancing fitness.]

Bottom: Have to lose before winning ‘Prof. May’

[The woman is professional golfer ‘Ariya ‘May’ Jutanugarn who is the first Thai woman golfer ‘Ariya ‘May’ Jutanugarn’ to win a major title at the Woman’s British Open. She was behind other golfers at the beginning of the game, but later won the tournament.]

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