Weekly News Magazines, August 19-26, 2016


From Matichon Weekly, August 19-25, 2016
Main cover reads: Magic mirror, please tell me how it’s–bombing

[Refers to the recent bomb attacks. Some are concerned that the junta will use the attacks as a pretext to attack and muzzle opposition to military rule.
The headline plays on Snow Withe’s “Mirror mirror on the wall” saying here meaning that the junta are trying to create their own reasoning for the bombing (i.e. that it is related to Thaksin and the Red Shirts).]

Top right: 2 stories 2 dimensions ‘Searching for a son’: 6 Oct 1976 ‘The truth which is gone’: May 1992

[Left is Gen. Suchinda Kraprayoon and right is Prof. of Southeast Asian history Thongchai Winichakul.
This refers to articles written by Prof. Thongchai. One about Black May 1992 (2535 in Thai reckoning) when people protested the appointment of a post-coup junta general–Gen. Suchinda–as prime minister after elections. The other is about massacres on October 6, 1976 (2516 in Thai reckoning). After the October 6 massacre, many students and protesters when into exile or hid in the forest to hide from the military.
All of this is meant to refer to the new military-dominated charter. It is expected that it will lead to a general from the junta holding the prime minister post after elections. Judging from history, this might lead to another grand conflict with people trying to dislodge the military PM.]


From Nation Weekend, August 19, 2016
Main cover reads: Hiring for bombing!

[Refers to bomb attacks in many provinces in Thailand before Mother’s Day. The junta has stated that the bombers were linked with internal political conflicts rather than the terrorism groups in the Thai deep south.]

Top right: ‘Big Jiew’ what does he do? In Thaksin’s battlefield.

[The man in the picture is Gen. Chavalit Yongchaiyudh who has close ties with Thaksin and is believed to maneuver behind-the-scene to support Thaksin’s political movement. He has come to the fore of politics once again as the Mother’s Day bombings in some ways resemble the New Year’s Eve bombings of 2006 that were alleged to be orchestrated to pressure the then junta.]

Headline on the left: ‘Phai Dao Din’ [white] with the two ways of fighting

[Refers to Jatupat Boonpattararaksa (known as Phai Dao Din) an anti-coup activist who has gone on a hunger strike while in detention for allegedly violating the Public Referendum Act.]

RIP [yellow] ‘Uncle Khuay’ [white] a close friend of Prem

[Refers to the death of Uncle Khuay, a close of Privy Council president Gen Prem Tinsulanonda. They were classmates when they first became friends. Although Uncle Khuay was just an ordinary man, he still became close friend with the Privy Council President.]

Karma of [yellow] ‘Dhammakaya’ [white] an abbot was charged due to forest reserve encroachment

[Dhammakaya’s abbot Dhammachayo was issued another arrest warrant for alleged encroachment on three forest reserves to build a forest monastery in Loei province.]

Monks and the southern violence [white] The peace shall be returned.

[Refers to the violence in the southernmost provinces of Thailand. Buddhist monks have begun to become targets for attack.]


From Manager Weekly, Aug 20-26, 2016
Main cover reads: Theory of [red] conspiracy
The man in the yellow ring is Thaksin Shinawatra dressed in his royal hat which the Manager group uses to refer to Thaksin alleged royal aspirations.
The man in the green ring is Deputy PM Prawit Wongsuwan.

[Refers to the bomb attacks in Thailand during the Mother’s day. This cover implies that the bombing is related to the old political powers–Thaksin’s group whose power is declining and the military’s whose star is rising. The CIA is assumed by many to be involved with in the attack as the U.S. is accused by many of wishing to reinstall Thaksin in power.]

Top: From Set Zero [black] to the PM from the outsider. No matter what, it is still Uncle Tu.

[A man in the picture is PM Prayuth, nicknamed “Tu.” This uses the phrase “set zero” meaning to start from a clean slate. This phase is a part of the junta’s road map to reform the political system. To avoid compromised politicians or puppets from becoming prime minister, the draft constitution seems to allow “outsider” prime ministers to be appointed. It is thought that this rule will allow the present military PM to remain in power even after the next elections.]

Below: ‘Flook Worawut’ [black] millionaire tycoon… ‘Aum Patchrapa’

[Refers to gossip about famous actress Aum Patchrapa and her new boy friend, Flook Worawut, a well-known businessman.]

Left: A failure of Olympic boxing [white] it’s time for reform.

[Refers to criticism of refereeing at the Olympics.]


From Lokwannee, Aug 20-26, 2016
Main cover reads: Bomb… Bae…

[Refers to the concern that the authorities will come up with a scapegoat to blame for the bombing attacks in many places before Mother’s Day.
Pro-Red Shirt media are particularly annoyed Thaksin-connected groups are being blamed for the bombings.
The cover compares the attempt of the police to catch the suspects with Pokemon Go implying they are trying to catch a scapegoat rather than the real bombers. ‘Bae’ is the sound a goat makes.]

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