Weekly News Magazines, August 12-19, 2016


From Lokwannee, Aug 13-19, 2016
Main cover reads: It’s not lost, but it’s just not only won yet.

[Refers to the result of the referendum of the draft constitution. Many groups, including the Red Shirts, announced that they would accept the result.
However, these groups, and the politician believed to be directing them (Thaksin), remain bitterly opposed to the new charter and will certainly fight on against the junta and its roadblocks to Thaksin’s return to power.]


From Nation Weekend, August 12, 2016
Main cover reads: A hunter of PokeMeaw

[This shows PM Prayuth hunting a “PokeMaew” (“Maew” being the nickname of Thaksin). This shows the reality of the junta and its charter. Both are ultimately a response to Thaksin and an effort to block his return to power.]

On the left: [yellow] Pokemonism [white] dominating the world

[Refers to the worldwide phenomenon of the Pokemon Go app.
The headline is Thai is ‘ลัทธิ [yellow] โปเกม่อน.’ we think meaning something like “Pokemonism.”]

Bottom: Two power girls [white] writing new history

[The women from left to right: Weightlifters Sukany Srisurat and Sopita Tanasan who won the gold in the Rio Games.]


From Matichon Weekly, Aug 12-19, 2016
Main cover reads: Election [red] year of 2017

[Refers to the election next year. It is widely anticipated that PM Prayuth might be able to maneuver events after the elections so that he remains prime minister under the new charter.]

Top right: Hero Go! Rising weightlifters ‘Nan-Pai-Taew-Tuy’

[Pictures from left to right: Sopita Tanasan or Nan, Sukany Srisurat or Pai,  Pimsiri or Taew and Sinphet Kruaithong
Sopita and Sukany won gold medals while Pimsiri won silver and Sinphet received the bronze.]


From Manager Weekly, Aug 13-19, 2016
Main cover reads: Uncle Tu Go

[Refers to the result of the referendum on the draft constitution which turned out to be a victory for the junta led by PM Prayuth, whose nickname is Tu. This result, according to the political experts, reflects that people still trust the junta rather than politicians. This victory will pave the way for the junta to move forward on the road map for reforming without political forces interfvering.]

Top: 2 Gold 1 Silver 1 Bronze
[Refers to winning Thai weightlifters at the Rio games.]

Bottom left: Getting in trouble. Ponzi scheme. Hiso Manfah

[Refers to Hiso (High-society) figure Manfah who is investigated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) after posting her picture and calling on people to invest in her company. The SEC is questioning whether the investment is a ponzi scheme.]

Bottom right: Interior destroys it. Accept subtraction. Discredit People’s state.

[Refers to a village chief who begged a chief district officer for help due to deductions made from budgets for state projects. This news made PM Prayuth being angry since as it hurts the image of the Ministry of Interior who is in charge of the projects.
Over the last decade, Thai governments have used the distribution of money to rural areas to bolster their popularity.]

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