Weekly News Magazines, April 22-May 5, 2017

From Lokwannee, April 29-May 5, 2017
Main cover reads, left: Bae bae bae bea [the sound a dumb person makes; this is next to the whistle representing the anti-Thaksin People’s Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC) led by Suthep Thaugsuban]
Right: Boom boom Boom Boom Boom [sound a submarine makes under the sea]
[Refers to the junta’s purchase of Chinese submarines. This purchase has been criticized over the transparency of the deal as well as the necessity of Thailand having submarines.
The cover shows the double-standard of the anti-Thaksin PDRC–while they protested Yingluck’s government for corruption, they have been totally silent over the military’s outrageous purchases of a Chinese submarine.]

From Nation Weekend, April 14, 2017
Main cover showing the 1932 Siamese Revolution plaque: A plaque in the legend

[Refers the missing 1932 Siamese Revolution plaque. This plaque was one of the few remaining symbols of the country’s transformation from an absolute monarchy to a constitutional monarchy.]

Top right: Son of [yellow] ‘Gen. Yos’ takes control [yellow] ‘horse racecourse’ a legacy of the warriors.
[Refers to the rumor that Deputy PM Prawit’s group appointed Gen. Vitch Devahasdin to control the Royal Turf Club of Thailand. Gen. Vitch is the son of influential military Gen. Yos Devahasdin. The racecourse is a rich source of graft and the new general running it would signal a significant shift of power to the ruling junta from other military groups that used to control it.]

From Matichon Weekly, April 21-27, 2017
Main cover reads: [yellow] Want to ‘forget’ [Red] Still ‘remember’

[Refers to the new plaque (at bottom) which replaced the original 1932 Siamese Revolution plaque.
The cover implies that the anti-Thaksin, pro-Thaksin yellow groups support the junta and have no nostalgia for the revolution of the past. The red shirts, however, have used the plaque as a cherished symbol of democracy in the country.]

Top right : From the mother of all bombs to the nukes of Mr. ‘Kim.’ A formula for World War 3

[Refers to the concerns about WWIII erupting amid tensions with North Korea and the US dropping the giant MOAB bomb in Syria.]

From Manager Weekly, April 22-28, 2017
Main cover reads: Please pay attention to this plaque.

On the plaque inside the heart: NCPO with a fresh face
Inner cycle: Siam loses land at the Sai Taku border forever. This life time, ask the elder brother to buy tanks-submarine.
Outside cycle: Reform the police-bureaucratic system waiting for next life, non-stop increasing of salary-rewards, providing energy [Thailand’s natural resources] to business groups, allowing foreigners to lease land for 99 years

[The Manager/ASTV Group, while despising Thaksin, also consistently attacks any government in power whether it be military- or Democrat Party-led.
Here, they use a fake version of the missing revolutionary plaque to ridicule the junta’s “accomplishments.”
This shows a laundry list of issues that includes:
* a border dispute with Cambodia,
* the secret purchase of big ticket items for the military (this goes back years),
* the mysterious decision to halt the reorganization of the police force to prevent them from acting on Thaksin’s behalf (and this delightful one: The Police Should Blow Their Brains Out),
* the large raises for government employees,
* the continued trend of privatization of natural resources such as oil,
* and plans to allow 99 leases on land for foreigners (which pro-Thaksin media also seems to oppose).]

Top: Allow to lease 99 years attract ‘foreign investment’ (blue) Disclose that the Democrat Party come up with this idea (red) ‘Maew’ seizes it, (black) the NCPO must be careful unless they will fail on the whole.

[Refers to the decision of the junta to allow foreign investors to lease government land in the eastern special economic development zone for up to 99 years.
It is thought that both the Democrat Party and Thaksin (whose nickname is “Maew”) would both support the change. The writer warns that, if the junta proceeds with their land giveaway to foreigners, people will not accept it.]

Bottom left: From a fat girl to the famous model ‘Mia Kang’ Leave her bikini to go boxing

[Refers to famous American-Korean model Mia Kang who loves Thai boxing. She has recently decided to go for her first professional boxing competition in Thailand in May.]

Bottom right: “Woody” born to be rich. Don’t care about the breaking window glasses. Get a huge profit from S2O.

[Refers to the compliant about the Songkran event named ‘S2O’ organized by well-known TV host Vuthihorn “Woody” Milintachinda. Loud sounds from the event broken windows of nearby buildings.]

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