Weekly News Magazines, April 13-28, 2017

From Nation Weekend, April 14, 2017
Main cover reads: Pick up revolution

[Refers to the junta’s new law banning passengers in pickup truck beds and backseats to prevent accidents. Many people, particularly outside of Bangkok, use a pickup for going back home to celebrate Songkran. The junta later decided to suspend the law after being strongly criticized by the public.
The underlying issue here is how the junta appears eager and pleased to use its absolute power to enact rules that impact the rural lower classes–such as for removing street vendors, clearing beach vendors and creating new traffic rules. However, the rural people impacted tend to be aligned with Thaksin. The heavy-handed junta rules will be raised in elections with a future government promising that military-era rules will no longer be enforced.]

Left side: Great merit to pay respects for a ‘great stupa’–a place for practicing a meditation

[Refers to the stupa at Phurithattiwat built for praising well-respect monk Ajarn Mun Phurithatto. H.E. King Maha Vajiralongkorn Bodindradebayavarangkun attended the ceremony to break ground on the stupa.]

From Manager Weekly, April 15-21, 2017
Main cover reads: ‘Trustable’ guarantee the quality
The men inside the circle are Deputy PM Prawit Wonsuwan, Interior Minister Anupong Paochinda, PM Prayuth Chan-ocha, the three major powers in the government now.
Under the logo on the bottom right: Standard of Thailand 4.0

[Refers to the national strategy of Thailand 4.0 led by three key persons of the junta consisting of Deputy PM Prawit Wonsuwan, Interior Minister Anupong Paochinda, PM Prayuth Chan-ocha. They are know as part of a brotherhood of powerful military men called the “Eastern Tigers.”
Those small logos surrounding the main one allude to the challenges the junta is facing. Two logos on the top refers to Buriram United football club and Buriram Circuit owned by former politician Newin Chidchob. Despite being hounded from politics for betraying Thaksin, he is believed to be playing an important role pre-configuring a future government that locks out Thaksin’s drive from amnesty for himself.
The second logo on the left is PTT which the junta (as all government’s do) is trying to control with the establishment of a national petroleum company.
The second logo on the right refers to Saitaku Resort and Casino located close the Thai-Cambodian border at Buriram Province. This casino burst into the news when anti-corruption activist Veera Somkwamkid tried to investigate whether it was built on Thai land.
The third logo from the left refers to King Power Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha who is also believed to play an important role in the political reconciliation plan as he has close ties with former Thaksin Shinawatra.
The submarine and tank refer to the junta’s decision to purchase the weapons from China.]

Top: Vegus Buriram. A source of political funds from the East

[Refers to Saitaku Resort and Casino located close Thai-Cambodian border in the Northeast of Thailand. This is believed to a part of the “Burirum cluster” consisting of Newin’s businesses that include the Burirum United football club and Burirum Circuit. Although banished from politics by Thaksin and the strong arm tactics of the Red Shirts, Newin has built a formidable business empire that is expected to provide political funding for the new election.]

Bottom left: Reveal! Being criticized on losing his mind [black] “Pete Thongchua”
[Refers to actor Pete Thongchua who believes in aliens and uses supernatural power to cure people.]

Bottom right: Knowing Thailand’s way. Style of [blue] ‘Heng coach-Wittha Hloagune. Getting rid of the patronage system.
[Refers to Wittha Hloagune whose nickname is Heng. He is technical president of the Football Association of Thailand (FAT). After the resignation of former manager Kiatisuk Senamuang, the President of FAT Somyos Pumpanmuang assigned him to work with the Ekkono Methodd Soccer Service to set up “Thailand’s way”–a Thai football playing style to improve the standard of football.]

From Matichon Weekly, April 14-20, 2017
Main cover reads: Guarantee by Pa (again)

[Refers to the junta’s future with the support of Privy Council President Prem Tinsulanonda. Although the constitution has already been signed to lead the country to return to democracy, there is a question as to whether Gen. Prem will support the junta’s desire to continue to lead the country after elections as some parts of the constitution allow the junta to have a role.]

Top right: Disclose the road map of ‘BRN’ under the era of Doonloh Wae-mano shaking the “peace talks” for the South

[Refers to the plan of key militant group Barisan Revolusi Nasional Melayu Patani (BRN) under new leader Doonloh Wae-mano toward peace talks. Recently, the group issued a statement to criticizing the junta and called for international observers to take part in the dialogue.]

From Lokwannee, April 22-28, 2017
Main cover reads: From a normal plaque which no one knew… to become the unforgettable symbol!
On the balloon: Happy people. Mother of All Plaque
Logo on the buildings is the stolen 1932 Siamese Revolution plaque

[Refers to the missing 1932 Siamese Revolution plaque. The cover implies that this issue has now become an extremely potent one that cannot be hidden. However, this is the position of only a few media outlets aligned with Thaksin and his Red Shirts. The rest of the Thai media seems to have heeded the junta’s dictates to downplay the story.]

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