Weekly News Magazines, April 12, 2013

Nation Weekend_12 April 2013

From Nation Weekend, April 12, 2013
Cover reads: Aiya! Phi Mak fud fud digging a whole to bury Kobori
[Reference is to the unexpected outcomes in terms of popularity and financial returns of two Thai movies — Phi Mak…Phra Khanong and Khoo Kam. Both are re-makes. The former is a drama-comedy which was made based on a re-interpretation of the original writing, while the latter was a re-make based on a book of the same name which is one of the most popular modern novels of the country. With Nadej Kukimiya, the hottest actor nowadays, as its leader actor “Kobori”, Khoo Kam was expected to be successful, at least as successful as its preceding versions. However, after a week in theaters, it’s apparent that Khoo Kam was knocked out by Phi Mak with less effort than people may think.]

Matichon Weekly_12 April 2013

From Matichon Weekly, April 12, 2013
Cover reads: Phi Mak khaaa riding ‘Nadej’ to Baht 300 million
[Reference is to the two local movies shown in the theaters in Thailand’s summer: one is Phi Mak…Kha, a comedy about a ghost of a widow waiting for her husband. The movie proves that the typical Thai style farce of peasants trying to run and hide from a ghost can always remain a money making point of any movies. After several weeks in theaters Phi Mak…khaa is now almost at 300 million baht revenue. The other is Khoo Kam, based on a famous novel by “Thommayanti”, which is a romantic story between a Japanese military officer who was commissioned in Thailand during World War II and a Thai girl. Somehow, Khoo Kam isn’t as successful as it was expected for a numbers of reasons.]

ASTVผู้จัดการสุดสัปดาห์_13 April 2013

From ASTV Manager Weekly, April 13, 2013
Cover reads: Khoo Kam by ‘Nadej’
[Reference is to one of Thailand’s hottest actors today, Nadej Kukimiya who is lead actor in a famous, but not a money making, movie called “Khoo Kam”. After his recent feud with Uniliver Thailand, “Khoo Kam”, his latest movie, fails to earn revenue as targeted for a number of reasons. One of which is because the movie was launched during the same period of another all-time hit comedy, “Phi Mak…Khaa”. While “Khoo Kam” has been struggling to reach its first Baht 100 million, “Phi Mak…Kha” is potentially going to make Baht 500 million after the Songkran holidays.]

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