Weekly News Magazine, October 16-23, 2015

lokwannee_16 oct

From Lokwannee, October 16, 2015
Main cover reads: Revise only this… It’s enough.
The draft permanent constitution
Special section
Do not allow Shinawatra’s family
To join the election
Other articles are the same

[Refers to the draft constitution which has been criticized here as merely a tool for getting rid of Thaksin and his political influence.]

manager 17_23 oct 2015

From Manager Weekly, October 17-23, 2015
Main cover reads: Sao Khruea Fah 58
The woman is former PM Yingluck and the man is PM Prayuth

[Refers to the classic story about a northern Thai woman who falls in love with a man from the central region. Finally they separate and she dies from sadness.
This puts Yingluck, who is from the northern part of Thailand, into the title role as “Sao Khruea Fah.” She just wrote a letter to PM Prayuth calling for justice in the case of the rice-pledging scheme as she is facing the loss of all here assets for her role in creating the huge losses in the rice pledging scheme.
“58” is a year the year 2015.]

Top right: [blue] “Nak” defaming novice. Challenging role to Thai society!

[Refers to the controversial movie ‘Arbat’ meaning something like “Defaming Buddhist.” This movie was initially banned because it sent a negative image for Buddhism. The actor in the photo is Charlie Trairat or “Nak.”]

Bottom left: [green] ‘Sososo’ [black] Which ‘So’.. gives a lot of funds.

[Refers to the investigation of the Thai Health Promotion Foundation known as Sososo (สสส) in Thai on their spending of funds which derives income from an alcohol tax.]

Bottom left: [yellow] ‘Yi’ tries to adhere to his seat. [green] Telling the world he dies hard.

[Refers to former Thailand Football Association head, Worawi Makudi, known as BangYi, who was suspended by FIFA due to an alleged breach of the code of ethics.]

matichon_16_22 oct 2015

From Matichon Weekly, October 16-22, 2015
Main cover reads: ‘Drinking’ everywhere. Return the happiness to ‘So’ family

[The people on the cover are famous singers, actors and actresses who posted pictures with alcohol on social media. This is immediately seen as what it was–a social media campaign paid for by big alcohol producers in Thailand to get around bans on advertising.
This lead to criticism of the Thai Health Promotion Foundation known as Sososo (สสส) and investigation of the spending of the organization which receives an income from alcohol tax. “Return the happiness” comes from the junta’s self-proclaimed agenda for the nation. Here, it implies that there is mismanagement or collusion in the Thai Health Promotion Foundation for allowing the proliferation of social media campaign promoting alcohol.]

Top right: Message from ‘Boo’ Miss Yingluck Shinawatra ‘Thank you’

[Refers to a letter sent by Yingluck (whose nickname is “Boo”), to PM Prayuth calling for the justice due her in the case of the rice-pledging scheme.]

nation_16 oct

From Nation Weekend, October 16, 2015
The main cover reads: [white] Ball [yellow] ‘rises’ [white] Bang ‘downs’
A man in the picture is former Thailand Football Association, Worawi Makudi

[Refer to the suspension of former Thailand FA Worawi, known as BangYi from his position. The article contrasts this with Thailand’s national teams which have performed well.]

Top right: 42 years 14 October
The way of the [yellow] ‘influential left’
Name [yellow] Thinapan Nakata

[Refers to the story of Dr. Thinapan Nakata, former military man, who played an important role during the 1973 Thai popular uprising known as “14 October.” Now, Dr. Thinapan is the head of the National Reform Steering Assembly (NRSA).]

Middle headline: Thepchai Yong
[white] Another challenge of [yellow] ThaiPBS

[Refers to Thapchai’s column writing about the challenge of the Thai public channel ‘ThaiPBS.’ Recently, its chief resigned.]

Bottom headline: Tomorn Sookprecha [yellow] Defaming society

[Refers to Tomorn’s column about the reaction of Thai society to the controversial movie ‘Arbat’ which about a defaming monk.]

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