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From Arun, November 21, 2019
On the top: There is a report that Ms Pareena was invited to meet Gen. Prawit to try to find a solution for owning 1,700-rai of land. Thairath 20-11-62
On the hand: Exit
Caption: Come to the right way.

[Refers to Palang Pracharath MP Pareena Kraikupt who is facing a probe for allegedly owning lands located in a protected forest. This case is receiving considerable attention as opposition figures seem to suffer firm consequences after investigations into their activities while pro-government figures, like Pareena, often have their cases quickly dismissed.
The cartoonist shows an arm with watches pointing Pareena in the direction she should go to solve this case. The arm symbolizes the scandal of Deputy PM Prawit, who was repeatedly photographed with wearing astonishingly expensive watches that he could never have afforded to buy based on his employment history and asset declarations.
As a key member of the junta-era government, he was immune from having to bow to the law and would never of had to step down from his position. On top of that, he was quickly cleared of any wrongdoing. Since that incident, all Thai cartoonists symbolize him as an arm with many watches.
The cartoon implies that the right direction for Pareena is towards Prawit who can help her dodge the probe into her allegations in the same way he did.]

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