We will be living quietly in this dreamy justice system forever


From Thairath, by Sia, July 16, 2015
Title: We will be living quietly in this dreamy justice system forever
Mouse: Here is so dark.
Mouse man nuling: Continue being stubborn.
Yingluck holds a box that reads: February 2nd, 2014 election day
Next to her is a man with Election Commission of Thailand’s necktie holding a paper: We will sue you for damages of 3,000 million baht in arranging/organizing the Thai general election [refers to legal action against Yingluck for trying to hold an election against the advice of the Election Commission]
Man wearing sunglasses holds a paper that reads: Nothing wrong
He holds up the arm of a man who holds a paper: Block the election
Above right is a man with PDRC (People’s Democratic Reform Committee) choking another person.
Man holding a gun with a headband that reads: PDRC
[A man shoots through a popcorn bag. This refers to events when men shot at Red Shirts who had vowed to stop the PDRC from protesting against amnesty efforts for Thaksin. Anti-government leader Suthep vowed to “serve popcorn” to Red Shirts who were clashing with the PDRC.
The cartoon refers to the election the Pheu Thai-led government tried to hold in 2014. The election was provoked by months of protest aimed at halting the government from providing amnesty for Thaksin.
The PDRC clashed with election officials at polling places around Bangkok to prevent the Pheu Thai from winning another election which would mean amnesty for Thaksin and his return to power in Thailand.]

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