We need Article 44


From Manager, November 5, 2014
Prayuth: This is [related to] national security… we need to use Article 44!
Brown dog: They’re in trouble.
White dog: Really!!
[The dog’s droppings spell out: Blow, boasts, denies, spread [ฟุ้ง (blow), โว (boasts), ปัด (denies), ตีปี๊บ (spread, as in advertising oneself) are common Thai words used in giant banner headlines to attract attention and generate sales. Also note how these most common headline words relate to how Thai “big men” tend to puff up themselves and foolishly boast and brag about their plans and power.]
Caption: Isn’t too much… even dog’s poo become the big deal.

[Refers to the government’s concern about news reporting. The junta asked the media to avoid using words that may create a negative image of the government and the country (ironically, Thaksin was endlessly pilloried for doing this as well). Article 44 provides special power to the National Council for Peace and Order (the junta) to stop any action that may impact national security.]

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