Waterboarding in Thailand

Waterboarding in Thailand – www.asiasentinel.com, July 15, 2011
…Thaksin’s 2001-2006 administration coincided with the arrival of Americans who used cloaks, daggers and waterboarding to expand the US war on terror. Some critics believe the savage civil war that is going on in the south of the country can be laid directly at the door of Thaksin, who told the military to crack down on Muslim fundamentalists. Allegedly armed with the tacit encouragement of the Americans, who believed international fugitives were hiding in the south, the military did so with a macabre enthusiasm that alienated Muslims and drove them into the arms of the extremists.
In other places, the US Central Intelligence Agency established black operations where they secretly waterboarded a suspected al-Qaeda facilitator, Abu Zubaydah during 2002 while Thaksin was prime minister, flying in two American psychologists named James Mitchell and Bruce Jessen who helped create the CIA’s interrogation program…

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