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From Naewna, July 23, 2019
Thanathorn: I have already considered that based on the Article 49, the court does not have the power to dissolve the Future Forward Party. If it does, it means the court uses power beyond its limitations.
Caption: The court of “Fah’s daddy” has already made a judgment.

[Future Forward Party leader Thanathorn announced to his followers that if the courts dissolved their party, it meant that the court was acting beyond is purview.
In the context of Thai politics, such a pronouncements, while obviously being designed to stave off a party dissolution, would be viewed as an attempt to set up a pretext for Thai “dissatisfaction.”
This would prime the party followers to view an expected dissolution verdict as an unfair if not illegal act and thus set the stage for protest (protest being seen as a sad chaotic result of people being pushed too far).
This cartoonist, which detests Thanathorn and his party, accuse him of trying to make the verdict himself before the court does. The axe symbolizes the implied threat of dissatisfaction and chaotic protest that an “illegal” verdict would create as well as the pressure this outcome puts on the court.
“Fah’s daddy” is Thanathorn’s nickname. It is based on a soap opera where a young lady named Fah is the lover of an older man, but they are keeping the affair a secret so she calls him “dad” in public. Thus Thanathorn’s young supporters who idolize him call him “dad” as well.]

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