Watch out!

From Thairath, July 20, 2014
Cartoon title: Watch out!
Top left: Watch out for a widow disguised as a brown spider! [Reference is to lethal poisonous brown spider found in Nan Province. The spider is called a brown widow.]
Top middle: Want to live by the seaside, watch out for locations like Laem Chabang! [Reference is to a gas leak on July 17 at Laem Chabang Port, Cholburi Province.]
Top right: Even an old woman of 72 was raped. Watch out! You have to lookout for yourself!
Bottom left: Looking for a mate on LINE app. Watch out! You may find a .22 [refers to a shooting incident involving people who me via LINE]
Bottom middle: Watch out! A scaffold may collapse on you while inspecting a rice warehouse. [Reference is to a scaffold which was found in the rice warehouse of the Phoenix Agri Tech (Thailand) Co., Ltd. in Chachoengsao Province during an inspection on July 23. The scaffold was used to create a hollow cavity and create the impression that there was a huge stockpile of rice.]
Bottom right: Why not watch out for a person who used to think ill, then turned sweet. [Refers to Kristy Kenney, the U.S. Ambassador to Bangkok, who recently paid a friendly to ACM Prajin Jantong after initially criticizing the Thai coup and asking for quick elections.]

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