Warning of a future crisis

From Thairath, December 8, 2016
Title: Let me tell you again, this is the crisis in the near future.
Constitution drafter Meechai is wearing tie with CDC [Constitution Drafting Committee] and holds the constitution plinth.
Mouse man: We know this too well and it still makes a fool of people…
Mouse: …the entire nation.

[Deputy Prime Minister Prawit, probably the most powerful person in the government, recently noted that, if there was a crisis or other unsettled political condition in the country, elections could be further delayed.
This was a warning that the military would not tolerate pro-Thaksin protests or other anti-junta agitation. It also shows the relative confidence of the government in even suggesting that a delay could be possible.
The cartoonist suggests the only real crisis that could delay elections is military tyranny (symbolized by the boot in the shadow).]

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