Wall Street Journal comes on strong in editorial: “Generalissimo Prayuth” risks “civil war”

Thailand Unravels – Gen. Prayuth takes Bangkok down a strange dead end – Wall Street Journal, December 3, 2014
…Among the methods under discussion is a permanent ban on Thaksin-affiliated politicians from holding office. Another is a Senate appointed by the royalist elite. These would make a mockery of democracy and provoke violent protests by the pro-Thaksin majority of the population.
That might be part of the military’s plan. Since the Thaksin forces have won the last five elections, unrest that makes a return to democracy impossible could be a convenient excuse for Gen. Prayuth to hang on to power. Already members of his government have suggested the next election won’t be held until 2016.
Many of Thailand’s beleaguered royalists would like to turn the clock back to the days when military strongmen ruled in alliance with the palace. It may seem obvious to outside observers that such pipe dreams risk a civil war.
…Lately the junta has also taken aim at foreigners. Police harass foreign tourists on the streets. Tourist arrivals are down 9% this year and the economy is projected to grow at 1%. The Japanese and British Embassies have warned that antiforeign business policies risk an exodus of capital…

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