Wake the dead to protest

From Naewna, April 1, 2021
On tombstone: Black May
Jatuporn: Wake up, wake up… my boss [meaning Thaksin] is ordering you guys come out to help get Prayuth out of his position.
Caption: Wake the dead..!!

[Thaksin has slowly raised his profile as the student protests lost steam and became more violent, no doubt seeking to reassert his control over anti-government movements.
The cartoonist shows Red Shirt Jatuporn who recently announced he would lead a new anti-government movement. Just like when the Red Shirts were first brought together years ago, a variety of disaffected groups and people were touted as being part of the new movement including activists demanding answers about the 1992 Black May protests.
The bringing up of old grievances to add to present protest efforts is often visualized as pulling corpses out of a grave.]

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