Unlock politicians!

From Thairath, August 22, 2018
Title: Unlock before opening the ballot box
Box held by PM Prayuth: [top] Unlock [on side] Political party, MPs
On a ballot box: 24 Feb. 2562 Election
On a man’s suit: New EC [Election Commission]
Sign held by man in background: Campaigning in advance for the NCPO [meaning that the National Council for Peace and Order (the ruling junta) is already campaigning to win the next election while all other politicians are barred from doing so]
On a man’s suite: Three Companions [or the “three friends,” political kingpins who have switched from supporting Thaksin to supporting the junta]
Phi Nooring: Want to extend power longer
Mouse: Hurry up to return the democracy!

[This cartoon calls on PM Prayuth to end the ban on political activities and provide justice and equality to the politicians. This is because Prayuth’s supporters, namely the Three Companions, have been openly campaigning and gaining supporters for the junta.]

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