Wan Ubumrung has an equal

From Manager, May 23, 2019
Wan: Do you know who I am the son of?
Monkolkit: Then, do you know… where I graduated?
Caption: Finally Wan can find the same-level MP

[Refers to the Pheu Thai party’s MP Wan Ubumrung (left), son of former Deputy PM Chalerm Ubumrung. He is known with his aggressive and bullying character. (Many, many more references to the colorful Ubumrung family are here.)
In the cartoon he uses the saying his younger brother made famous and which was used when picking fights with others.
On the right is the Thai Civilized Party’s leader Mongkolkit Suksin-tharanon whose party was one of the micro-parties supporting Palang Pracharath to form the government.
Like Wan Ubumrung, Mongkolkit is an aggressive and show-off personality and got in trouble after he gave a media interview in which he said his former school was plagued by drugs and hooligans. Many alumni protested and demanded an apology from him as his interview damaged school’s reputation.]

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