Two Views

From Newna, February 20, 2019
On sign on wall: Military area. Can’t enter.
Pheu Thai’s Sudarat throws a mortar over the wall. Above the mortar: Cut the military’s budget
At right above the pestle: Burden of the Land
Caption: Equal
[The Pheu Thai Party (among other parties) has called for the cutting of the military’s budget.
Army chief Apirat attacked those groups by playing the song “Burden of the Land.” This song was used to attack left-wing and communist supporters starting in the 1970s. As the military has used such songs to dehumanize and thus set up its foes for liquidation in the past, the revival of the song highlighted that such thinking is still very much present in the present-day military. We are not sure of the symbolism of the mortal and pestle–we think it is used to mean intense fighting between two parties.]

From Thairath, February 21, 2019
On the flag held by Sudarat: Building the future for the new generation
On the signs from top to bottom: School, Hospital, The country is moving forward, Good health, People have lands for living, Have a future, Develop the country, Quality of life, Opportunity for education, Opportunity for creating jobs and incomes
Phi Nooring: How’s it a “Burden of the Land?”
Mouse: Reduce some parts a little bit
Caption: Ask for sharing half of the tank, then we will have more

[Refers to a call from anti-junta parties, including the Pheu Thai Party (represented here by Sudarat holding a flag), to reduce the military’s budget. This cartoon is sarcastic to the reaction of the military which responded by playing an old propaganda song, “Burden of the Land,” used to denigrate left-wing sympathizers in the past.]

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