Two standards of populism in Thailand


From Thairath, November 24, 2016
Title: Two standards of populism
Left caption: Guilty [meaning Yingluck judged guilty in the expensive rice pledging scheme]
On the bag Yingluck holds: Rice pledging scheme to improve the farmer’s life.
Right caption: Not guilty [meaning that the junta is employing the same sort of rice pledging that Yingluck’s did]
Left bag Prayuth holds: Hand out money
Right bag Prayuth holds: Aiding.
Left woman: Poor
Man on right: Farmer
Mouse: Helping people.
Mouse man: Which will last longer? [meaning the Pheu Thai and Yingluck’s brand is genuinely beloved and will likely return in future elections.]

[The underlying idea here is the highly regarded Thai value of fairness. It means that Yingluck has been treated unfairly by the junta, especially since the junta also has its own rice-pledging scheme.]

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