Trying their best to destroy


From Thairath, by Sia, August 4, 2015
Caption: The cheering team is trying their best.
Man on left, on his body: Economic problem; Deterioration; Oppose; Boycott
On PM Prayuth’s boxing shorts: Road Map
Men behind PM Prayuth, top to bottom: PDRC; in favor of election [referring to senators]; Reform before election
Hooded figure at top right: Destroy people
Mouse Man: Fight for Thid Thaug and the gang. [“Thid” is a title for people who just left the Buddhist monkhood and here “Thid Thaug” refers to Suthep Thaugsuban, leader of the protest group that led to the overthrow of the Pheu Thai government.]
Mouse: Loser style.
[This illustrates the difficulties PM PRayuth is facing amid economic hardships and calls to further delay elections.]

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