Truly speaking team vs Truly dying team

From Thairath, May 4, 2021
Title: Truly speaking team vs Truly dying team
At left, government team, left to right: PM puts a lot of effort to deal with COVID problem; Inoculate vaccines for 50 million people within the end of the year; Patients, who can’t find hospital beds, don’t give up; Thais don’t drop your guards; It has become worse, but still afraid of people’s gossip [this last on seems to refer to PM Prayuth who admitted the growing covid toll, but warned people not to gossip about him and the stability of the government]
On the toes of the dead, left to right: Died at home; Died because of a late treatment; Die increasingly everyday.
Phi Nooring: God doesn’t help.
Mouse: This team is only good at speaking.

[Refers to the failure of the government in dealing with the rapid spread of COVID-19 in the country. It contrasts the positive messages with the realities of a government unable to deal with increasing numbers of infected.]

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