From Manager March 22, 2021
On the sign: We are Bang Kloi people
Thanathorn: What’s up… Ratskate!!!
Caption: Even a dog’s tick

[Refers to Thanathorn and his team (the woman on his back is Pannika) who have been adept in utilizing new trends–such as the latest social media methods for communicating as well as “canceling” advertisers supporting media that oppose them.

The cartoonist compares Thanathorn to a tick meaning a person who sticks to others for their own benefit. The cartoon references Thanthorn’s support for headline-grabbing causes like the Bang Kloi people who protested against the government regarding their lands in a national park.

Thanathorn also called on people to bring their skateboards (now a trendy thing) to the anti-government protest under the name of Khana “Ratskate” mimicking Khana Ratsadon, the Siamese revolution in 1932 that overthrew the absolute monarchy.

He used the hashtag #Ratskate and was photographed carrying a skateboard, which, to his critics, seemed disingenuous for a 42-year-old billionaire. However, his popularity on social media is still the envy of every other political figure.]

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