Translation of the secret document: Revelation of the secret document of Foreign Ministry against Hun Sen and casting away Maew

Translation of the secret document: Revelation of the secret document of Foreign Ministry against Hun Sen and casting away Maew - translated and summarized from Post Today, December 19, 2009
Pheu Thai MP and red shirt leader Jatuporn Prompan revealed to the press stating that Foreign Minister Kasit Piromya sent a confidential letter to Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva in attempt to counter Cambodian PM Hun Sen. The letter also includes guidelines to get rid of Thaksin Shinawatra.
Meanwhile, Foreign Minister’s assistant Panit  Vikitset called for the clarification of the real document by the Pheu Thai for investigation of the person who reveals the official confidential document. According to the Foreign Ministry, the case is not confidential although the letter is genuine as it is the Foreign Minister’s duty to report to the PM.

The content of the document contains the following topics:

1. The analytical view on Cambodian acts

1) Thaksin Shinawatra is the main “danger” threatening the government's status by relying on the strategy to generate a bad situation which focuses on cooperation with Hun Sen and the movement of the anti-government groups inside Thailand, especially the United Front of Democracy against Dictatorship (UDD). The UDD aims at weakening government stability and toppling the ruling government.
However, the counter measures against the Cambodian government at this moment is limited to the non-violent diplomatic approach, since this is believed to contain any attempt to aggravate the Thai government to rely on more aggressive measures.   

2) The ongoing situation is a conflict between the two governments. Thai government should not fall into the trick issues that the Cambodian wants to generate misunderstanding. The Cambodian government is the group who receives benefits from Thaksin regardless of how the final situation turns out.

2. Guidelines for practices

In order to avoid the situation from following the plan of Thaksin and Cambodian Prime Minister, the Foreign Ministry proposes the following measures:

1) Prevent and avoid the violent situation in cases that it is not necessary to use aggressive countermeasures. Act carefully and cleverly on strong counter measures. Do not follow the media trends.

2) Create accurate understanding among governmental units so they follow the right practices, especially providing information to each unit.

3) Create unity in the country and in the government to make clear to the Cambodian PM that Thaksin will never return to his powerful stance. And that the private relationship and benefits related to Thaksin and Cambodian PM are not sustainable and Cambodia possibly looses benefits in the long run regarding trade, investment and tourism, etc.

4) Separate the linkage between Thaksin and Cambodian PM and Thailand’s opposition party by ceasing the conditions that benefit the movement of the group opposing the government. The government should express opinions towards the issue unanimously and follow a prudent plan that generates the least impact to the people with consciousness in reacting to the Cambodian government. This will promote public favor for the government. The government should turn the “strong sentiment” of the public that supports the government into “understanding” by relying on PR activities and managing time properly for the benefit of the Thai government including moving forward on investigating the pending corruption cases of Thaksin.

3. The methods for ending [the situation]

It is a concern that the purpose of the Thai government is to bring relations back to a normal stage and not to change the Cambodian ruling system. However, the root of the problem is that Thaksin attempts to destroy the government. The solutions to the problem, hence, must focus on the root causes; (1) getting rid of the threatening danger (2) separating cooperation between Thaksin and the Cambodian PM.

The possible ways are

3.1 The best method
Maintaining the current situation to stop Thaksin and Cambodian PM from doing anything to worsen the situation, following the suggestion for the 1-2 problem [listed above] and wait for the time that a third party country that is powerful or provides benefits to Cambodia to help solve the problem.

3.2 The mediocre method
1. Each party relies on intensifying countermeasures for its advantage.
2. If Cambodia relies on the intensifying measures to interfere in Thailand’s internal affairs, the Thai government should follow the measures that (1) do not impact the benefits of Thailand and the people of the two countries (2) are commensurate and (3) do not generate breakup in the relations of the two countries in the long run.

At the same time, Thai government should not state countermeasures in advance as (1) Cambodia will prepare for the counter measure policy (2) It will add to a viewpoint that Thailand aims at persecuting Cambodia.

3.3 The worse [most extreme] method

In case Thaksin and the Cambodian PM join hands in any action that lead to wide loss of life and assets of the people, invading the sovereignty of the land and Thai core national institutes, including an act equal to the establishment of an exile government in Cambodia, which is clearly considered as the interference in Thailand’s internal affair, the Thai government has to break up the diplomatic relationship and sanction Cambodia and rely on the Army to defend national sovereignty.

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