Told ya…

From Thairath, September 29, 2013
Cartoon title: Told ya…

Top left: No smell of a coup, only that of kraprao (ha)
Soldier: Sneeze! Sneeze! Sneeze! [Refers to a news story that food venders at the Royal Thai Army’s head quarter’s cafeteria are ordered not to sell kraprao dish (a spicy Thai dish) because its smell bothers some high-ranking officers while they’re in their offices. This plays against the rumors that another coup is in the works.]

Top middle: Para-rubber protesters are just mere teenagers who are high on krathom
[Krathom is a mildly addictive plant used as a narcotic. It has recently been in the news as some expecrts advise that is be legalized. The cartoon refers to para-rubber protests in September which were scattered in several parts of the country, mainly in the South. The government’s initial response to the protests, at Kuan Nong Hong intersection in Nakhon Srithammarat in particular, accused the protesters of being supported by politicians, and not real para-rubber planters.]

Top right: Going to pay for rice warehouses’ rents with rice
[Reference is to Deputy Commerce Minister Yanyong Puangrat’s idea to pay the rent for warehouses to keep government rice from the mortgage scheme with milled rice instead of cash. The Deputy Minister claimed to receive overwhelmingly positive response from entrepreneurs.]

Bottom left, on podium: Government spokesman
The spokesman: Pointing out MP who inserted MPs’ ID cards for other peers is deemed as obstructing the democratic system
[Reference is a video clip showing one Pheu Thai MP using his fellow party MPs’ card to vote for constitutional amendments. The government has sometimes lacks a quorum to convene and other times critics contend MPs simply hold voting cards for others to vote when they are not present.]

Bottom middle: Forests can be regenerated. Once the dam construction is complete, a budget for forest regeneration will be set.
[Reference is to the government’s Mae Wong dam construction project. Responding to critics, Deputy Prime Minister Plodprasop Suratsawadee said that the forest destroyed by the reservoir construction can be regenerated. His statements were ridiculed in in the press.
The mouse and cheese implies that Plodprasop actually wants to benefit from the project despite claims that the dam will help ease flood problems and provide water for farming.]

Bottom right: This year export grow by 1% due to Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra’s ceaselessly traveling around the world on a trade agenda.
[The prime minister has responded to critics of her frequent overseas trips–particularly during key parliamentary meetings, saying it is necessary to improve trade ties.]

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