Toad ‘Tu’ Vs. Duck ‘Lerm’

From Naewna, October 22, 2014
Title: Toad ‘Tu’ Vs. Duck ‘Lerm’
Caption: Maew [Thaksin] may have to wait for so long.

[Refers to a conflict between Red Shirt leader Jatuporn (whose nickname is “Tu” or “Toad”) and Chalerm (whose nickname is “Lerm” or “Duck”). Chalerm praised PM Prayuth saying he is smart and has the ability to govern the country.
In what is seen as post-coup jockeying for power, Chalerm’s comments caused Red Shirt Jatuporn to be upset and disappointed at Chalerm’s comments as the Red Shirts want to take a harder line against Gen. Prayuth.]

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