To resist dictatorship

From Naewna, November 21, 2018
Left: The reason that we move from the Pao Thai to the TRC party [Thai Raksa Chart] is that we want to oppose the dictatorship…
Journalists: Dictatorship of the NCPO? [the National Council for Peace and Order, the junta]
Right: No… the dictatorship in the Pao Thai party.

[Refers to a conflict inside the Pheu Thai party due to a contest of many influential groups trying to dominate the party.
Many Pheu Thai members have moved to allied parties, including the Thai Raksa Chart (a party controlled by Thaksin’s children) and even some pro-junta parties.
In the cartoon, major factional leaders in the Pheu Thai are being beaten by Sudarat Keyuraphan, who has long tried to gain control of the party. Her leadership is reportedly resisted by the major faction leaders as her political base is around Bangkok, far from the main voter base of the Pheu Thai which is in the Northeast.
The cartoonist calls the Pheu Thai Party the “Burn Thai Party” (“Pao Thai party”) in a play on Thai words. This transforms the party name to reference Red Shirt leaders who called on their supporters to burn the country in 2010.]

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