To carry failure home

From Manager, June 7, 2018
Caption: Who said the police chef returned to Thailand with nothing in his hands?

[Refers to Pol. Gen. Chakthip Chaijinda who visited Germany to coordinate with German police to return wanted senior monk Phra Prommedhi back to Thailand.
Phra Prommedhi escaped Thailand to Germany after the court approved a warrant to arrest him on charges of embezzling state funds.
In Thai, the word “truffle” is also a symbol meaning “failure” or “disappointment” and thus the police chief returns to Thailand with his failure to extradite Phra Prommedhi from Germany.
Western powers appear to view the recent monk crackdown as part of the ongoing junta push to dismantle Thaksin-leaning powers in the country. Thus, they see the charges as possibly politically oriented. Thaksin and Yingluck attempted to push this point home with their open travel around the world despite facing many charges in Thailand.]

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