From Naewna, April 10, 2016
To the left of the time bomb: Referendum on the draft constitution
To the right of the time bomb: Questions with the referendum
Caption: Constitution filling [meaning something has been stuck inside the constitution draft like jelly filling is put inside a pastry]

[This shows Democracy Monument and the two parts of the referendum–the yes/no vote on the charter and the additional question, written in such a way that it will entice people into a yes vote for an appointed senate with power to approve or depose and elected PM.
This is a critical point and has been termed a “time bomb” since such a future eventuality would both doom Thaksin’s dreams of a return and leave the military with complete power of elected politician.
Such a possible reality might provoke politicians to decide to openly stage a fight against the junta sooner rather than later. For instance, in both parts of the vote pass, it might advantageous for the Red Shirts to boycott a future vote and stage protests since the charter would doom their hopes at a Thaksin return and reforms.]

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