Tiger-lion-bull-rhinoceros headed figures

From Khaosod, January 1, 2011
The title reads: Sawasdee New Year 2011
[The cartoon shows PM Abhisit with a flower wreath on his head giving gifts to the tiger-lion-bull-rhinoceros headed figures while Red Shirt remain behind bars.]
The words on the gift bag read: Sweat of the people

[“Tiger-lion-bull-rhinoceros” is a Thai saying that refers to wily and experienced people who are likely to take advantage of a situation and reap rewards and thus can be dangerous to be around. This saying has appeared in several Thai-language editorial cartoons recently to refer to top military/police/establishment figures who are seen to reap huge benefits from the Democrats’ budgets.
The cartoon is a criticism saying that the people’s hard earned tax money is being doled out to clever and influential figures.
More about the tiger-lion-bull-rhinoceros reference.]

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