Three options after the election in 2017


From an image circulated on social media (perhaps from a newspaper):

Title: 3 options after the election in 2017

Thaksin’s regime absolutely wins.
[red below]
– Wide voting gap from the opposition [meaning a massive win for Thaksin’s party]
– Dictatorship of the parliament [meaning that a huge majority of MPs would once again be able to start rewriting the constitution in their favor]
– Thaksin’s regime pushes forward to its ultimate goal [meaning a pardon for Thaksin so he can return to lead the country]
– People who love the country will have to rally on the street and it leads to a number of them dying and injured [death (or chaos) on the streets would be required as a pretext for a military intervention to overthrow the government]
– Someone takes a lead to bring people out to the street for protest and plays politics outside the parliament [perhaps meaning the anti-Thaksin protests would once again not be entirely organic, but staged by opposition politicians]

Thaksin’s regime wins without an overwhelming margin.
[orange below]
– Small voting gap for the opposition [meaning the opposition wins a comparable, but smaller number of MPs]
– Can use the parliament to impede Thaksin’s power [meaning that without an absolute majority in parliament, Thaksin’s party would not be able to create a pardon for him]
– People who love the country may not need to rally on the streets and lose their lives again

Thaksin’s regime loses the election
[white below]
– Completely ends the problems [meaning the political problems of the last 10 years are due to Thaksin’s political machinations]
– No risk of civil war [pro-Thaksin Red Shirts had consistently promised civil war or separatism if the previous Yingluck-led government was overthrown]
– People who love the country don’t need to rally on the streets again

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