Threatening the Bank of Thailand

From Manager, February 18, 2013
Finance Minister Kittirat Na Ranong: They refuse to decrease the interest rate no matter what we’ve done. Now try sending this barn owl to threaten them. They may be scared.
On building: Bank of Thailand
Caption: “Grong the red pant” gang would do just anything.
[Reference is to the Money Policy Committee’s resolution not to reduce the policy rate despite the government’s pressure to cut the rate to by 0.25%. The committee resolved to maintain the rate at 2.75%. Later, Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra voiced her concern about the MPC decision. She then assigned Kittirat to talk to the BoT about cutting the rate again. This sort of scenario–a government pressuring the finances of the country for its own benefit–it thought to be particularly acute in Thaksin-directed governments.
In the Thai world, the barn owl’s scream is believed to connected to death.]

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