This land calls for me

From Thairath, May 10, 2018
Title: This land calls for me.
By Prayuth hands: Uncle Tu… Fighting!
Newin is thinking at left: Asking for a government budget of 10,000 million.
Mouse man: Arrogant as a political candidate.
Mouse: Who called him here?

[Refer to PM Prayuth’s quote “this land is calling me to do for this country” which he used during his visit to Buriram province. The province is home to well-known politician kingpin Newin Chidchob.
As the northeastern region is a strong support base for Thaksin and the Red Shirts, this visit to Newin’s hometown shows the junta’s resolve to make alliances and remain in power after the next elections.
The cartoonist ridicules the trip and the reception by Newin supporters and asks the price of having Newin join the junta in government.
In the cartoon, PM Prayuth is wearing Thai loincloths–ethnic grab that is traditional in the northeastern region as well as Laos and Cambodia.
The loincloths on PM Prayuth is a way of showing a friendly welcome.]

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