This is true today!

prediction 10 years ago by Khun Chuan

From a clipping circulated on social media, supposedly from Thairath from 10 years ago. This is a daily column that shows contrasting quotations.
Title: Punching fist
Left: Thaksin said “I’d like to ask all parties to stop playing politics. We need to help push the country forward or [underlined part] there will be no place for politicians to play.”
Right: Chuan said “It’s ok to have no place for playing politics. However, for those using the wrong power and [underlined part] thinking that the country is their own, they must be careful or they will not have a country to live in.”
Caption: A newspaper from 10 years ago is truth today.

[This refers to supposed quotes from 10 years ago that have become true today.
Ten years after these quotes were made, Thaksin lives in exile after his overreach in consolidating political power. Meanwhile, political parties play no role in the country under the junta-led government.]

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