This group should be reformed first


From Thairath, October 19, 2014
Title: This group should be reformed first.
On the basket: Independent agencies of the justice process
In the basket:
On the sword: NACC [National Anti-Corruption Commission]
A man with glasses in the back: Inspector
On police officer: scapegoat [referring to the Kao Tao murder investigation]
Man with glasses next to the policeman: the double standard of justice
Man on the right: working fast without consideration
Two men in front: EC and NHRC [Election Commission and National Human Rights Commission]
On a paper held by a many outside the basket: NRC
Phi Nooring: Put them in the basket and wash it.
A mouse: The cause of the conflict

[This cartoon uses the Thai idiom “putting in the basket and washing it” meaning to purify something. The cartoon suggests the National Reform Council (NRC) should reform the country by starting with the justice process in the country, particularly the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC), the Election Commission (EC), the National Human Right Commission, the police and the courts. Pro-Thaksin and Red Shirt groups claim these organizations invoked double standards when dealing in politics and insist that non-elected or independent organization should not be able to check the activities of an elected government.]

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