They must be killed


From Thairath, September 16, 2016
Title: Must kill them
On the ax: Bar their rights forever
On the man on the stump: MP (member of parliament)
On the stump: Destroy politicians
On the two men holding the man’s arms: Appointed [meaning they are unelected]
On the man next to the table: ECT [Election Commission of Thailand]
On a card held by the man: Black [meaning the politician on the stump is being barred from holding office]
Cards on the table: Yellow, orange, red
On the man holding the left leg: Independent agencies [meaning independent oversight agencies are daring to judge elected MPs]
ON man holding the right leg: Appointed
Phi Nooring: Attack the man elected by the people.
Mouse: Using illegal power

[Under the new constitution, power is given to independent agencies and appointed groups to oversee the activities of politicians. This is stop the total demanded by elected government controlled by Thaksin.
The cartoonist contends that these new powers are being used to black-ball MPs the junta does not like.]

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