They don’t really like “We Walk”

From Thairath, March 9, 2018
Title: Just another tumor, not the end of gun barrel.
Woman holds a paper that reads: Complaint to governor.
Mouse man: Must be friends with the people.
Mouse: [He’s] Being angry.

[This refers to the “We Walk” march from Bangkok into the provinces. It is reportedly a movement to highlight the inability or unwillingness of the government to address many problems of everyday people.
Initially, the junta tried to stop the march as they suspected it to be a covert attempt to rouse people to be dissatisfied with military rule. A court ruling then cleared the way for the march and supposedly prohibited the government from stopping it.
However, as the march progressed, those participating repeatedly complained that the military and local officials were violating the court order allowing them to march and hindered the marchers at every turn.
Venues where the marchers were to gather or rest–such as universities–also suddenly became unavailable.
The march progressed despite this and officials seemed to be fuming that a court decision order was being used to thwart junta wishes that the march be stopped.
At one stop, an army colonel was photographed giving the finger to the marchers. This seemed to validate the claims of the organizers that officials were trying to hinder the marchers despite the court ruling and had become frustrated that they could not do so.
The image of the cut finger in the cartoon comes from the idiom “bad tissue” referring to a bad part of the body which may cause the trouble to the whole and thus must be removed.
The cartoonist jokes that the middle finger is a bad part of the junta as the incident exposed the real feelings of the government to the marchers. Thus, this bad finger should be cut off before it brings more trouble to the junta.]

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