The Wrong Man for the Wrong Job

From Thairath, November 18, 2012
Cartoon title: Put the wrong man in the wrong job

Top left: Recruit a man with only a degree from the Reserve Officer Training Cops Student (ROTCS) to train the Defense Minister.
[The man is Phanthongthae Shinawatra, son of Thaksin Shinawatra, who posted a message on Facebook claiming that there would be an assassination attempt against his father. Based on his message, the government, including Defense Minister Sukampol Suwannathat, reacted swiftly to confirm the plot.]

Top middle: Appoint the person who ordered setting fire to a department store to have a job in the Commerce Ministry.
[Reference is to Deputy Commerce Minister Natthawut Saikua. Leading the Red Shirt protest in April and May 2010, Nutthawut told protesters to be ready to burn down Bangkok. Later, many buildings rigged to burn by the Red Shirts where burned and looted–but only those businesses that were foes of Thaksin such as Central World department store owned by the Chirathiwat family. The irony being that the Deputy Commerce Minister burned down shopping malls.]

Top right: Appointed a liar to be in charge of the National Intelligence Agency
[Director of the NIA is Suwaphan Tanyuatthana. We are not sure why he is called a liar here…]

Bottom left: Put jumpy rabbits in the Parliament
[In Thai, “jumpy rabbits” mean peoples who are easily panicked. Reference is to parliament spokesman Somsak Kiatsuranon who ordered ladders installed so that MPs could climb out of parliament if protesters surrounded it on November 24. These fears are not unfounded. The PAD blockaded parliament in October 2008 and the Red Shirts attempted it in December 2008.]

Bottom middle: Order the Defense Minister to investigate the military dissertation case
[Reference is to Defense Minister Sukampol Suwannathat’s attempt to remove former Prime Minister Abhisit Jevvachiva as opposition leader by renewing old legal cases against him.]

Bottom right: Allow an ex-nurse to make a list of provincial governor transfers
[The ex-nurse is Yaowapha Wongsawat, sister of Thaksin Shinawatra, who wields great power in the government.]

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