The Withering of Article 44


From Manager, July 23, 2015
Title: The change of a powerful sword
On the sword: Article 44
1st: When it’s launched
2nd: When it wasn’t used to deal with Thaksin
3rd: When it wasn’t used to reform the police
4th: When it wasn’t used to deal with Thammachayo [shows the once mighty sword transformed into a blunt pestle]

Refers to the supposedly absolute power the junta wields via Article 44. As time has passed it appears the power (or promise) of using absolute power to deal with intractable problems has dulled.
Some of the public expected the junta to use Article 44 to deal with old problems, such as stripping Thaksin of his police rank, the reform of the police, or bringing charges against the former Wat Dhammakaya abbot who was accused of embezzlement, but was always allowed to slip through the legal system.
However, the reality of the Thai system affords no institution the ability to exercise unfettered power for long. Military attempts to strip Thaksin of his rank were brushed off by the police chief even after the military backed down and gave up on its plans to reorganize the police.

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