The weapons spell his name

From Arun, March 21, 2017
This shows Thai officials sitting before a table with war weapons arrayed to spell the name “Ko-Tee”–perhaps implying that the weapons are intended to send a message about the fugitive Red Shirt.

From Manager, March 21, 2017
Newspaper headline: Weng says Ko-Tee is not a Red Shirt.
Caption: Ko-Tee started to changed his target.
[This shows Ko-Tee shooting Red Shirt leader Weng because of Weng’s statement disavowing Ko-Tee as a Red Shirt.]

Ko-Tee is a Red Shirt leader who has been operating a pirate radio station from Laos calling for insurrection, resistance to the Thai monarchy, and the establishment of a republican regime in Thailand.
The continued broadcasts have appeared to strain Thai-Lao relations. Thai authorities recently raided Ko-Tee’s estate in Thailand and claimed to have found a large cache of weapons apparently intended to carry out Ko-Tee’s plans–including the assassination of Thailand’s military prime minister.
Mainstream Red Shirt leaders, like Weng (thought of as a more moderate and intellectual Red Shirt), quickly disavowed Ko-Tee and tried to distance the Red Shirt movement from him.
Those with anti-Thaksin views usually contend that radical Red Shirts and their anti-monarchy revolutionary rhetoric are still a part of the mainstream Red Shirt movement and are thus controlled and funded by Thaksin.
However, the mainstream belief is that really radical Red Shirts like Ko-Tee are opportunists and that Thaksin has no real reason to want to stir up trouble that would possibly delay elections. Thus, Thaksin would be incentivized to pay off the radicals to get them to settle down and this is what really fuels radicals to take a hard line.
Ko-Tee responded to the weapons seizure by authorities by claiming that it was a set-up by the military to frame him.
Whatever the truth of the source of the weapons, the find seems to have had the desired effect of dislodging Ko-Tee from his haven in Laos. Ko-Tee released a statement saying he had left Laos and had taken refuge in another unnamed state.

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