The way to make the media to join hands together

From Thairath, May 11, 2017
Title: The way to make the media to join hands together.
On the sleeve: NCPO [National Council for Peace and Order, the junta]
On the hand: Bill to control the media
Media’s speech bubbles, top left: Controlling media and people!
Bottom left: The government doesn’t pay our salary!
Top right: When the media losses, does the government help?
Middle right: Control the right and freedom of the media. Do you feel embarrassed to the world?
Bottom right: Stopping investigations of the government!
On the microphone: News
On the paper close to the hand: Press
On the paper under the reporter’s foot: News
Phi Nooring: Extremely afraid of the media.
Mouse: Authoritarianism

[Refers to the junta’s attempt to pass bills to regulate the media. Thailand’s media association has called on the junta to stop this bill as it would violate the freedom of press to report news to the people.]

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