Links Related to President Obama’s Trip to Thailand-Myanmar-Cambodia

Above: From LBJ’s trip to Thailand in the 1960s: Thailand Gay for LBJ

Left: Obama’s first term: From Business Thai, November 17-23, 2008: Super Obama – World shaking president

Links Related to President Obama’s Trip to Thailand-Myanmar-Cambodia

* U.S. Presidential trips to Thailand and other related trivia – including Bill Clinton’s rock-star reception at Chula
* President Obama’s first-term election in 2008 in Thai-language newspapers

NEW Obama’s visit will bolster support for Yingluck and show opposition the US stands with her government

NEW Official Photos of HM The King and President Obama

NEW As the President Arrived in Bangkok: Twitter Advice, Instagram Madness, and Thai TV

NEW Official Schedule for President Obama’s Visit to Thailand from the White House website

NEW Text of the Press Briefing on Air Force One on the Way to Bangkok

NEW The Beast: President Barack Obama’s High-Tech Super-Limo here and here

November 16: One time when hectoring and sanctions were put aside: The US Approach to Soft Diplomacy in Myanmar
November 16: Thai editorial cartoon: Obama and RPGs and Thai Love
November 16: Thai editorial cartoon: The Secret Service Checks Out Thailand for Assassination Plots
November 16: Myanmar’s Thein Sein, junta henchman to radical reformer
November 16: President Lyndon B. Johnson’s Visits to Thailand
November 16: Thai editorial cartoon: Obama Wins with Populism!
November 16: Cambodia cracks down on residents for displaying eviction protest messages for Obama
November 16: Not directly related, but amusing take on the Thai-US relationship – Rabble Rousing Books: The US Plot to Topple the Monarchy
November 15: How Can President Obama Avoid Photo Ops With Cambodia’s Strongman?
November 14: Tell Them That I Want to Kill Them: Hun Sen’s Death Squads Exposed
November 13: Schedule and Map for Obama’s Visit to Thailand 18-19 November 2012
November 12: Burmese Shrug at Obama Visit, as Beijing Shudders
November 12: US “Men in Black” Check Security at Government House ahead of Obama’s Visit
November 9: Thai-language newspapers on the U.S. election
November 8: President Obama to visit Thailand and Myanmar November 18-19

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