Is the United States the puppet master?

Above: From Komchadluek, June 3, 2014

[The aftermath of this coup has resulted in an unusual degree of anti-American sentiment among those who support, if not the coup itself, then anything that stalls Shinawatra power in politics.
This is ironic, since other than a stern rebuke from Australia and the typically tough opinions pieces from the Economist and Financial Times, the Western response has been muted–coup bad, elections good. These are the kinds of responses governments have to make to the public while exercising realpolitik on a day-to-day basis behind the scenes.
It could be that the internet gave criticisms of the coup a wider audience than was ever possible before–particularly to urbanites with mobile devices skeptical of Thaksin and his reforms.
Below are some Photoshopped images, circulated on the net, used to express anti-U.S. or anti-foreigner sentiment since the coup.] Editor Ron Morris’ book, The Thai Book: A Field Guide to Thai Political Motivations, is available in the Kindle Store.

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Above: Much has been made online of U.S. officials being honored at Red Shirt villages

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