The third hand of the Thai police

From Manager, January 1, 2014
Commander of the Metropolitan Police Bureau, Pol. Maj. Gen. Kamronwit Thoopkrachang: A third hand shot a policeman and other protesters.
[A “third hand” means the third party. This refers to the clash between riot police and protesters at the Thai-Japanese stadium on December 26, 2013. Anti-government protesters were gathering to prevent candidates registering for the upcoming elections.
This cartoon expresses skepticism that the shootings that occurred there were not carried out by the police themselves. The police later seemed to confirm that the “men in black” photographed on a rooftop were indeed police officers. This incident is similar to the army snipers who shot at Red Shirts trying to continue on their protest in a temple in 2010. It demonstrates that both the police and the army are political entities that side with one side or another in the interest of protecting their status and prerogatives.]

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