The Struggle to Amend the Constitution

From Thairath, April 5, 2015
Cartoon title: Do you need help…!?
On the constitution: ’07 Constitution
On base of the constitution tray: Slaves of CNS [CNS stands for Council for National Security, appointed after the latest coup d’etat in 2006. The council was led by Army Commander General Sonthi Boonyaratglin, leader of the coup who accordingly claimed powers equivalent to Prime Minister, before appointing Surayud Chulanont as Prime Minister of Thailand under the CNS-drafted interim constitution.]
On the hooded figure’s sleeve: 100 dead bodies [The 100 dead bodies refer to the number of people, both civilians and government officers including soldiers, who lost their lives during the Red Shirt protest in April and May, 2010.]
Above hammer: Constitution
On jacket of man holding the hammer on the left: Senators [The current spokesperson of the Senate is Ruangchai Supnirand.]
On jacket of man holding the hammer on the right: PMs. [The current spokesperson of the Parliament is Somsak Kiatsuranon.]
Phi Nooring: We don’t want the illegitimate power.
Man mouse: Don’t call for dictatorship.

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