The strange case of the Gen. Prayut/Prayuth’s name change

Word is spreading today in the Thai print media about a required change to the name of Thailand’s junta chief and prime minister, General Prayuth Chan-ocha.

Starting today, the English-language media are required to spell the general’s name “Prayut Chan-o-cha.” The “h” in Prayuth is dropped and an extra hyphen will be added.

Suspicions abound that this is a case where a fortune teller must have told Gen. Prayauth (or now Gen. Prayut) to alter his name in English spelling to improve his luck.

This will no doubt add to the international media’s focus on the general’s superstitions–although such behavior is not unusual for Thai leaders or Thais in general. However, giving the media an opportunity to cast scorn on the odd behavior of Thailand’s absolute ruler demonstrates the ineptitude in dealing with the press that the military has long been known for.

Oh, and stop Photoshopping him too…

Earlier: Is Gen. Prayuth really growing “eccentric” or “superstitious” as Time Magazine claims?

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