The Road to the Cabinet

From Manager, October 2, 2012
On the wall: Chan Song Laa house [The house is the Bangkok residence of former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra.]
Pojaman says: Oh! Brother Off. [“Off” is the nickname of Priewpan Damapong.]
Former National Police Chief Priewpan Damapong says: Who said you have to fly to Dubai for a seat in the Cabinet?
Caption: Off only went to Charansanitwong Road.

[Former National Police Chief Priewpan Damapong is a Thaksin relative and is considered one of the favorites for the Interior Ministry post. Those who want cabinet posts are believed to have to ask Thaksin who resides in Dubai. This refers to the power of Thaksin’s ex-wife Pojaman who, along with other Thaksin relatives, appears to be wielding more power over the government.]

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