The Red Buffaloes Must Breed!

From Manager, December 21, 2012
Caption: The only way to win the referendum by 15 million votes
On stage, Jatuporn Promphan: Start breeding today …If one pair of you can produce one calf, by the day of the referendum voting, we’ll have 24 million votes, and then we don’t have to ask for anybody’s help.
[This refers to the government’s attempt to amend the 2007 constitution. According to the Constitution Court, a referendum must be held before the government proceeds with its amendments and half of all eligible voters must turn out to vote. Those who are counting on the amendments to provide amnesty to Thaksin and themselves worry that a referendum will doom the effort to rewrite the constitution. Jatuporn Promphan and woman on stage, Thida Thavornseth, are both well-known Red Shirt leaders.]

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